Clamping Elements and Devices

The twin functions of clamping elements and devices are to retain the work in the appropriate relative position within the fixture and to prevent displacement brought on by cutting forces. Additionally, they are required in order to fasten the caliper to the piece of work.

Tool Room Accessories

Making tool room accessories is what we do. These tools come in a variety of sizes, so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Our tool lines are of an international caliber and are finished to rival the greatest products on the market.

Resistance Welding Products

With regard to a wide range of projection and resistance welding applications, we provide resistance welding products that are at the pinnacle of flexibility, toughness, and performance. These goods are the ideal answers to your problems with metal fabrication.

Ejector Pins

For use in various mould ejecting applications across a range of industries worldwide, our Ejector Pins are available in bespoke sizes. These pins, which are made from high-quality metal alloys, can exceed performance requirements even under demanding circumstances.

Mould Date Indicator

Mold inserts called "Mould Date Indicator" include many pieces of information. They serve as a marketing tool and give the end consumer the most crucial product information. Numerous engineering-related industries throughout the world use these indicators.

Water Manifolds

For homeowners, the benefit of our water manifolds is evident. They serve as essential controls for the circulation of hot and cold water in any scenario. For consistent water delivery at various temperature levels, they often interface with flexible plastic plumbing systems.

Hex Nut Bolts

These are made with a hexagonal form since it makes turning them simple. Our hex nut bolts are accessible from 360 degrees and have six sides that make it simple to tighten and loosen them, provided there is room for your tools to move around.

Die Springs

Die springs imitate compression springs, but they are specifically designed to withstand high levels of external entity. These items may be made with a variety of strengths, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. They are also highly dependable.

Die Punches

Die punches are what we manufacture, provide, and trade. To boost machine productivity, these goods are employed in the industrial sector. Paper, plastic, and metal sheets may all be punctured with the help of these devices.

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